Mission And Goal

Our commitment to your better future

To Help Our Clients

Thornton is fully committed to creating, enhancing and protecting the wealth of our clients. By ensuring that each of our clients’ specific needs are met through a full range of top-notch products and first class services, we are able to provide long term value to our international clientele. Our mission is to provide objective and independent advisory services to our valuable clients in the name of their best interests.

To Provide a Better Experience

To meet the servicing standards of today, we understand the needs of creating effective ways to communicate with our clients. We provide not only personal customer services, but also an entire online personal system, known as B2B. This system allows clients to actively manage their assets, and provide a flexible way for the client to communicate with us.

To Develop Our Staff

We at Thornton believe that people are a company’s greatest asset, and we’d be nowhere without our team. Our staff’s development, participation and motivation are vital to our success as a whole. We invest a significant amount of company resources in comprehensive staff training, including product and market knowledge, sales training, leadership training and other self-development programs.

To Build Our Company

We are dedicated to building one of the best IFA firms in Asia and to becoming the provider of choice for our clients’ financial advisory needs. With solid foundation and flexibilities, we survived in different global financial crises. We are proud to be a top quality consultancy force and are constantly innovating and evolving to maintain our position as an industry leader. Facing the ever-changing market, we’re dedicated to knowing just how, why, and where it’s going.