Our Products

All the finest products offered by international insurance company help you to achieve your every need, from individual to corporate, from investment to life protection.

Investment Linked Assurance Scheme

Major decisions occur in different stages of our life, and having better choices can require bigger budgets. Investment linked assurance scheme allows you to invest in funds from different parts of the world to meet your target. By switching and allocating your fund choices, you are able to change your investment options depending on the market.

Traditional Life Insurance
Term Life Whole Life

To prepare for the unwillingly lost, Term life and Whole life insurance offers secure protection for your loved ones. When the insured’s death occurs, benefits will be paid for important expenses that arise from the unfortunate event and provides coverage for the designated beneficiaries.

Critical Illness

While planning ahead, it’s important to remember that Critical Illnesses can befall anyone. In order to provide clients with extended coverage under such difficult times, our Critical Illness products provide you with better protection for expensive medical expenses.”


To retire comfortably is a dream we all maintain, and it’s important to plan accordingly. Annuity plans provide you with a stable stream of income and accumulates the fund to help maximize your potential in your later life.


Medical insurance is an indispensable. Our medical insurance allows you to live your life on your own terms by providing the safety of medical protection you can trust.

Universal life

In life, it’s often best to hope for the best and prepare for the worst. From life as a young single through to retirement, we at Thornton are here to provide different universal life products helping you with every major step in your life. Our comprehensive protection and savings plans are designed to help you ensure bright futures for you and your family, and to assist you in preparing for anything that comes your way.

General Insurance (GI)
Travel Insurance

Travelling is stressful enough as it is, so it’s important to make sure you and your loved ones are adequately protected. From unexpected accidents and medical expenses, to baggage delays, or loss and personal liability, Thornton has you covered.

Home Insurance

Your home is invaluable to you and your family, and as such, it’s vital that you protect it against accidents that may befall it. Our Home Insurance packages can help keep your home’s valuables, contents and personal items well covered.

Mandatory Provident Fund Scheme (MPF)

It’s imperative you plan for your retirement, and the Mandatory Provident Fund is the cornerstone of your retirement protection. Monitoring your MPF is vital to ensure a healthy future—and having a long-term financial planning partner such as Thornton can help you achieve your ideal retirement life.


Clients from Overseas may not have the right to invest in Hong Kong, however, trusts can provide an opportunity to perform offshore investments through this highly secure financial city.