Why Thornton

Why not plan your own finances? Why pay for a service to help you do something you could potentially do yourself? Well, the short answer is: because we’re experts. Having done this for decades, it’s important to keep a trusty partner by your side; a partner that will always do its best to protect you and help you achieve your goals; a partner that can save you time, money and worry every step of the way.

As Independent Financial Advisors, we’ve partnered up with a wide range of insurance companies that allows us to provide you with various types of products that cater to your every need. We assess each individual case objectively and without bias to ensure each client’s financial future is safe and successful.

With decades worth of experience, we know exactly what it takes to provide tailor-made services unique to each customer’s personal needs. Our wide range of products and services ensures each client is well protected and planned for throughout each step of his or her life journey. Thornton’s international platform offers clients throughout Asia a one-stop-shop experience, and it’s our objective yet personal approach that allows us to meet our clients’ every need.